Do You Delay in Decision Making?

How to decide? Pic Credit: Pixabay

Decision making is a critical matter. Often, we delay or procrastinate our decisions.


We keep on prodding, probing, collecting knowledge and information but still can not make up our mind to take that ‘important decision’…

Actually, it is not that we don’t have the ability to take the decision but it is our ‘fear’ to take the wrong decision that prevents us from taking any decision. We want our every decision to be ‘right decision’.

In our life, we take few critical decisions. And each decision that we have taken so far is the ‘right’ decision considering the situation, circumstances and our understanding at that point of time. It is only in the hindsight that we ‘judge’ whether that particular decision was ‘right’ or ‘wrong’.

Decision making is important and time critical. Don’t let the ‘fear’ of taking ‘wrong’ decision hamper your decision-making ability.