Keep Going!

This too shall pass…don’t give up!

Keep going!

You must have heard it many a times!

But many a times situations are such that it really becomes difficult to keep going!

So, how do we keep going then?

Simple…just keep going!!

Now, that ‘keep going’ can be even following your normal routine without taking any action. In fact, ‘not taking any action’ is also a form of ‘action’ as you are just not sure what action to take! When you have multiple stakeholders to take care of and if it is really tough to act without any idea of the what the results would be…what action can you take?

But that is the beauty of life and the challenges that it throws all the time!

So, the best option is…still to keep going.


Continue doing what you have been doing (follow your normal routine) and at the same time, pause whenever you can, and look at the bigger picture of what is happening around you. Try to find out where is the issue or the real mess. Pinpoint the major obstacle(s) and attack it (kill it) first. Every problem has a solution howsoever big it may appear or actually might be. Giving away or giving up is the simplest solution and the most stupid one. 

Keep going…you are getting there!