About myself…


My name is Anirvan Chakravarty and I am the author and the administrator of mypurplerain.com.

A brief introduction about myself: I have done a Masters in Statistics and having more than two decades of experience in the corporate world in the Financial Services domain.

On the personal level I love people! Observing them and trying to know more about their stories of successes and failures, joy and the pain, their triumph against all odds, the family life and the lonesome journeys, the daily grind and the grit to ensure that tomorrow will be better than today…well, it intrigues me to no end!  Each one has a fascinating story to tell! And I love to explore these aspects of people’s Journey called Life! And this journey is the same across class and across geographies!

I believe everyone is a Winner in this race of Life! Or to put it in another perspective: Everyone has a Winner within themselves; it just needs to be brought out. With this thought process ‘ mypurplerain.com ’ was born! To bring out the Winner in You!

I shall share my thoughts, ideas and tips based on my experience of Life and if that helps you to better your life in any way then nothing can be more gratifying for me. Do share your valuable feedback and suggestions on the content. I hope your visit to mypurplerain.com is meaningful and enjoyable! Do follow my posts and share it with your friends and community as well.

Let’s help each other in getting out that Winner in us!


Anirvan Chakravarty