If I can give you only one tip to improve your life, what would it be?

Positive thoughts create positive results! Pic credit: Google

If I am to give you only one tip to improve your life then it would be- Be Positive always!

Whatever be the adversity, always have a positive frame of mind. Always think that good will happen…soon! Hope for the good and be prepared for the worst. This is the ideal way to lead our lives. Remember, over thinking on any situation will not lead to a solution rather it will kill you slowly. It’s like over eating…not going to help you. So, always be optimistic. And believe me, when you start thinking positively, positive things start happening to you.

It’s the most fundamental law of the universe- Law of attraction! Have positive thoughts and you will attract positivity from the universe.

Life is full of challenges…every single day. You need to be mentally strong and positive to fight out those challenges. There would be tough times time and again, and again you need to be positive to face the tough times boldly.

So, always be positive howsoever bad the situation might be and you will see that it’s not that difficult to lead a happy and peaceful life!


What is it that you learned very late in life but wish you knew much earlier?

Who can be your best teacher? Pic credit : Pinterest

The following are the things that I realized very late in life and wish I could have known them earlier in my life: –

  1. Never stop learning: – Once you have completed your formal education and got into your first job, most of us say goodbye to the education. This is not correct. The education should continue side by side till your last day of life! Keep updating yourself. Learn something new always.
  • Be more Granular: – Avoid superficiality. Get into more details. This implies to every aspect of your life especially to your work/expertise. Remember, the more knowledgeable you are the more valuable you become to others.
  • Keep the time frame of your life in mind: – We have limited time in our life but we all live as if we would be living till eternity! So, ensure you achieve your goals in proper time frame. If you are not happy in your life then find out the reasons and fix the problem then and there. Don’t just wait that a miracle would happen some fine day and then you will have happiness. Time is precious!
  • Nurture your relationships: – This is very important. Often when young we give a damn to this. But we need people all the time – both in our personal life and in our professional life.
  • Taking care of your Parents in real sense: – They have less time. Do whatever you ever wanted to do for them. Do it now. Don’t wait for a suitable time. They will seldom ask for what they want. You have to understand them and provide them.
  • Be mindful of what and how you speak: – Nothing to add here 🙂


Peace of mind is very important in life!

A calm and relaxed mind helps you to take the right decisions

Peace of mind is very important in life!

How can we achieve it?

Meditation, deep breathing exercises, money, power, health, relationships…

What contributes to the peace of mind?

Duke University did a study on “peace of mind.” Factors found to contribute greatly to emotional and mental stability are:

1.    The absence of suspicion and resentment. – Nursing a grudge was a major factor in unhappiness.

2.    Not living in the past. – An unwholesome preoccupation with old mistakes and failures leads to depression.

3.    Not wasting time and energy fighting conditions you cannot change.- Cooperate with life, instead of trying to run away from it.

4.    Force yourself to stay involved with the living world. – Resist the temptation to withdraw and become reclusive during periods of emotional stress.

5.    Refuse to indulge in self-pity when life hands you a raw deal. – Accept the fact that nobody gets through life without some sorrow and misfortune.

 6.  Cultivate the old-fashioned virtues—love, humour, compassion and loyalty.

 7.   Do not expect too much of yourself. – When there is too wide a gap between self-expectation and your ability to meet the goals, you have set, feelings of inadequacy are inevitable.

   8.  Find something bigger than yourself to believe in.-Self-cantered egotistical people score lowest on any test for measuring happiness.


Adversity Makes You Stronger!

When you are going through the challenges in your life, it is seldom that one may think of them as opportunities to grow and become a stronger person. But research has shown that past adversities are helpful in making you strong to face future challenges in a better way. Your past struggles make you more resilient- your ability to bounce back from adversity and grow from the challenge.

While dealing with your adversity you come out as more empathic, confident, more positive (optimistic), losing fear for the struggles/challenges and take them head on…so on and so forth.

Researchers have found the following growth-oriented factors as reported by the people who have gone through some difficulties or adversities in their life:

  • Increased appreciation for life
  • More meaningful relationships
  • Increased personal strength
  • Finding new ways for growth
  • Becoming more spiritually inclined

So, as you go through whatever adversities in your life at any point of time, just think of it as an opportunity to become stronger, more resilient and moving towards a better tommorrow!

Stay strong and stay healthy!


How can a Coach help You?

A coach standing in front of a white board showing an upward graph
A coach is like your partner in your growth!

Coaching is a journey that self-aware people undertake to achieve professional and personal growth, to enhance their overall quality of life in terms of well-being and to achieve those goals which at some time they thought were impossible to achieve.

Role Of A Coach

The coach will help you to find the resources in yourself to achieve those goals or objectives that you have in mind related to your personal and professional life. The coach takes you to this journey of growth and success through new perspectives. The coach will be the best person who will know the gap between where you are now and the goal that you have in mind and will ensure you work tirelessly to reach that goal.

The coach will always talk about specifics. He will convert your goals into smart goals- specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely. You just can’t say ‘I want to do better in my Life’ or ‘I want to perform better at the workplace’. Your coach will make you talk specifics and ensure you have specific achievable goals. Your coach will be the realistic optimist. He will ensure that you have realistic goals that are attainable in a timely manner.

A good coach will always help you look better rather than trying to make you look good. This implies that the coach will not look at your past to decide or judge on your future. Many of us believe that our intelligence, our personality, and our physical aptitudes are fixed — that no matter what we do, we won’t improve. As a result, we focus on goals that are all about proving ourselves, rather than developing and acquiring new skills. Your coach will help you change this mindset and will help you develop and acquire new skills to achieve your goals.

Your coach will help you to embrace the fact that you can change. This will allow you to make better choices and reach your fullest potential. Better choices will ensure you better results which will ultimately help you in all spheres of your life; at home and at the workplace.

A coach understands that you are not only capable but also resourceful within yourself. He will help you in discovering your dreams and goals and will provide clarity by asking you to explore more into it by doing a deep dive. The coach will help you to explore and generate strategies and plans to execute these goals by giving you full responsibility and accountability. He will provide you a supportive and motivating environment to explore what you want in life and how you might achieve those aspirations and fulfill your needs.

Coach As Your Partner

In your coaching journey, the coach will often play the role of the sounding-board to your experiences and will help you commit to an action plan by allowing you the personal space and support you need to grow and develop. The coach’s key role is to assist you in maintaining the motivation and commitment level needed to achieve your goals. He will make you understand and realize that you are the driver of your life engine!

Here a word of caution! Please remember that your coach is not a therapist who will provide you with medical advise. Likewise, the coach will also never provide you with a tailor-made recipe for success. Rather it will be you who under a coach’s patronage will be driving solutions in accomplishing your goals.


Pearls of Wisdom- 4

Light filtering out of the rain drops on the window
Raindrops or opportunities knocking my window?

Heart is a beautiful pot. Whatever you plant, it grows and bears you flowers and fruits. Now, it depends on you as to what you decide to grow.

You can have best of the cars but it’s of no use if you don’t know your destination. The costliest shoes will not help if you don’t take the first step towards your goal. Costly things don’t matter; your attitude and hard work does.

It’s very easy to CRITISIZE. You will find every second person criticizing something or someone. No talent required. But to CREATE you require talent. Be a CREATOR and not a CRITICIZER.

Some people WAIT for the right time, right opportunity, and the right alignment of stars to START. And their waiting continues as the perfect time never arrives! Every moment is important…and you can begin NOW.

People will hate you when they discover they don’t possess what you have. Let them continue hating you while you continue marching ahead shining with glory.

Life is not a race to be run fast and won. Life is a journey where every halt is to be enjoyed and relished, each weather is to be felt and cherished and lastly, every person you meet on the way is to be accepted with humility and kindness.

In pursuing your dream you will have road blocks which will cause delay. Wait rather than give up because the pain of waiting will be nothing as compared to the pain of regret for giving up.

Thoughts by Anirvan Chakravarty