How You Can Make Your Life Beautiful!

Life can be beautiful…give it a try! Pic Credit : Pixabay

A child fears nothing while trying something new…and enjoys the whole process and the outcome. An adult thinks ten times before attempting something new….and lives with constant fear throughout the process. Always have a child like attitude!

Two things that makes you RICH are good health and peace of mind. No matter what all you accumulate throughout your life, if you are not healthy enough to enjoy it or if it does not give you any peace, you remain POOR.

Life is like that; when you thought all is set and nothing can go wrong now…you get hit the hardest! Similarly, when you thought all is finished and see no hope…blessings happen and you hit a fortune!

When things are going on well, we all perform well. It’s only in crisis that our real potential is tested… as to how well we can perform in the adversity. Be the real performer!

We get engaged in our daily fire fighting mode, busy making stop gap arrangements, putting stuff under the carpet… and life goes on. Take a break! Think about the person you want to be and put your efforts in that direction.

Do You Delay in Decision Making?

How to decide? Pic Credit: Pixabay

Decision making is a critical matter. Often, we delay or procrastinate our decisions.


We keep on prodding, probing, collecting knowledge and information but still can not make up our mind to take that ‘important decision’…

Actually, it is not that we don’t have the ability to take the decision but it is our ‘fear’ to take the wrong decision that prevents us from taking any decision. We want our every decision to be ‘right decision’.

In our life, we take few critical decisions. And each decision that we have taken so far is the ‘right’ decision considering the situation, circumstances and our understanding at that point of time. It is only in the hindsight that we ‘judge’ whether that particular decision was ‘right’ or ‘wrong’.

Decision making is important and time critical. Don’t let the ‘fear’ of taking ‘wrong’ decision hamper your decision-making ability.

What can be the best recipe for a happy life?

Let Go…! Pic Credit: Pixabay

Learn to be in the present.

Be loving and compassionate.

Having a sense of gratitude. Always try to see what is good/beautiful around you.

Helping others joyfully.

And lastly, Learn to let GO!

The Lady In Number 6 is one of the most inspirational and uplifting stories about 109 year old, Alice Herz Sommer, the world’s oldest pianist and Holocaust survivor who shares her story on how to achieve a long and happy life. She discussed the importance of music, laughter and how to have an optimistic outlook on life. I believe she passed away at the age of 110.

Know more about her here.

Happiness is a habit. Develop an attitude of HAPPINESS.

A Crisis is sometimes Important in Life!

Occasional Fall will help you climb altitudes! Illustration credit : Pixabay

Have you ever wondered whenever a crisis happened in your life, ultimately it resulted in something better for you! Many a times, a crisis is better for us either in our personal or professional life. It is actually a boon in disguise!

Why is it so?

When everything is going on fine in our life it generates a sense of complacency in us. We start taking things for granted. And this leads to our slacking down or not putting in our best efforts. This may be applicable to our job/profession, our relationships, our business and even to our health. We are happy the way things are going. We don’t want to take any risk or put in more efforts for our own development and growth. This is what we call to live in the comfort zone!

So, what happens when a crisis hits you? You come into an alert mode and start working on improving things around you. This is a reactive approach. The best example of this is when you get your medical check up done and receive your report!

So, does one need to be in an alert mode all the time?

Not really.

The best way to manage would be to keep taking stock of things…regularly.

If we keep asking these questions periodically then it would definitely help- How am I doing? What needs to be done more? What needs to be added /deleted to/from my life? Is there scope for improving things? Am I leading a healthy life?…. and likewise. When doing so, chances of crisis hitting you would be at the minimum.

 What are you waiting for??

Start stock taking!


Should I….?

Does ‘What if…’ bothers you?

‘What if….”

Does this thought often bother you? Are you the one who spends a lot of time thinking on “What if….” before starting anything new? Do you often think of the negative aspects even if there are no valid reasons to do so?

You will notice that all your ‘What if…” have one common element- the fear factor!

 The ‘fear of the unknown’.

What is Fear of Unknown?

Most of this fear is based out of your assumptions and not on facts. You need to make yourself free from this ‘unknown fear’. Unless and until you do that, it will be difficult for you to accomplish anything important in your life- both at personal and at professional level.

How does one achieve that state of mind? I will share something from my own life. I too had many fears in my mind as I was growing up. Moving from adolescence state to a young man and then to crossing my midlife, I was continuously faced with so many fears that many times I wondered if at all will I be leading a free and happy life devoid of all my fears? Then as I gained experience in life, I slowly started taking risks; risks of giving an attempt to all the things/activities that I had some kind of fear attached to. And I was pleasantly surprised to find that most of the fears that I associated with these things/activities were mere fears only!

In practical life, they (the fears) just don’t exist!

What is the solution?

Here is the Key; to begin with, attempt very small or not very significant fears of yours and keep repeating the action (your attempt) accumulating the small victories. After a point, you will have the confidence and the mental strength to attack your bigger fears. And slowly you will achieve bigger victories. You will be ready to take calculated risks in your life and will make significant progress.

And you know what? The biggest lesson for me in all this was:

People give a damn about you!

So, the biggest worry that we have in our mind ‘what will people say’ is so irrelevant and exasperating.

And remember: On the other side of your FEAR…. lies your SUCCESS!

Congratulations…You have become Manager!!

Don’t hold that placard! Pic Credit : Pixbay

The transition from being a team member into a manager is not always easy for an employee. How to fit into the new role? What qualities do the team member require to be a successful manager. Many organizations spend huge amount of time and money to study what makes a successful manager. And as the finding shows, below are some of the key traits that the managers should follow to become a successful manager: –

Don’t do micromanagement- Be more concerned about the end result rather than anything else.

Good communication skills- Communications is the key and that includes active LISTENING!

Need to have technical knowledge too- No more general management will do! You need to excel in the technical aspect of the domain that you are managing

Have vision for the team- As a manager you are responsible to take your team to the next level.

Show empathy towards team members- Be patient and understanding! Remember you are not working with robots but with humans who have emotions. Often our managers forget this very fundamental principal.

Ensure development and career advancement for the team members- Everyone looks for growth and development. Ensure, as a manager you discuss their career path in the organization.

And lastly, very important, you need to be the coach for your team. As a coach, you need to utilize their full potential, identify untapped potential, make time bound goals, give continuous feedback and ensure they are progressing.