Apathy is Not Good For You!

Don’t get into the trap…of Apathy!

Move from Apathy to Expectation!

“I don’t care!”

“Why should I bother?”

“Life sucks!”

The above statements are full of apathy…don’t get into this trap.

It may begin with sounding very cool to you but with gradual letting go of your involvement, soon you will reduce yourself to an inorganic state and by the time you realize this…life itself will go by!

Apathy is the slow poisoning of success or growth or progress. Prolonged apathy becomes an attitude which is destructive in nature.

Symptoms of apathy: lack of ambition, willingness to maintain the status-quo even when it is making you unhappy, acceptance of whatever life is offering you without making any effort to make a change, mental and physical laziness; lack of initiative, imagination, enthusiasm and self-control, and lastly the victim behavior to let others pull your strings!

How can one make the transition then?

Moving from the state of apathy to expectation would require courage!

Willingness to confront fear is courage. It means facing the criticism boldly, relying on yourself, being willing to accept and learn from the consequences of all your choices. It means believing enough in yourself and in living your life as you choose….it means daring, taking risks and pulling your own strings!

Look forward. Expect good. Expect big things to happen.

Life itself means motion. Keep moving!

Life is too short. Leave no stone unturned to achieve what you want.


Do Troubles Worry You?

Looking for troubles?

Do your troubles have positive values?


I believe our troubles do have a positive value.

They act as a stimulus and ignite productive thinking and positive action. They are educative and introduces us to the real world. In fact, troubles introduce a man to himself! They result in series of reactions which produces a cheerful glow of spirit. They act as tonic for the mind!

The success or failure in realizing an aim or objective is purely determined by one’s faith or lack of it. It’s the faith that acts as fuel and provide guts to achieve the goal. In the battlefield of life, you need to have loads of it…FAITH! It helps you to keep going when the going gets tough and is the great secret of never getting defeated during the multifold changes happening in the game called LIFE.

An action oriented positive attitude along with a faith that is rock solid makes all the difference- between success and failure!

Remember, your troubles are like teachers who will never stop teaching, so it’s better for you to never stop learning.


Performance Appraisal!

My periodic check list!

Have you done your Performance Appraisal?

Do you believe in regular stock taking of your life?

I believe most of us do. It’s better to do it as it helps us in ensuring that we are moving in the right direction and if any course correction is required.

And one needs to be absolutely honest with oneself while doing this self-analysis as you are both – the appraisee and the appraiser!

Some questions to ponder periodically: –

Are you putting enough Efforts?

Is there a Plan?

What is your Goal?

What is your Objective?

Are you utilizing your Time well?

And lastly…Are you merely existing or actually Living?

You need to do a deep dive and have in-depth answers to these questions.

Hope you are having a great life and wishing you more joy and prosperity.


Are you Discontent?

Why is this happening to me?

Are you discontent?

Good then!

It is the first step towards progress!

When you feel dis-satisfied with the status quo, it leads you to improvements and then puts you on the path of progress. You prepare yourself for the challenges and are ready to face the hard knocks and take them head-on undeterred with the focus on the ball and the goal before you. The game is never lost till won!

Every situation howsoever grim has its hopeful side. So, don’t feel bogged down. Always see some good purpose in every situation of your life. Come out of your fearful thoughts and fearful expectations. A fearful mind restricts you from operating from strength.

‘I’ll fail!’,” How will I look?”, “What will others think?”, “Am I good enough?’…these thoughts are creations of your mind and are far from reality! Soon you will realize many of the fearful thoughts that you carried through your life actually never happened!

Constructive discontent is good as it is the first necessity of progress!!


Do You Delay in Decision Making?

How to decide? Pic Credit: Pixabay

Decision making is a critical matter. Often, we delay or procrastinate our decisions.


We keep on prodding, probing, collecting knowledge and information but still can not make up our mind to take that ‘important decision’…

Actually, it is not that we don’t have the ability to take the decision but it is our ‘fear’ to take the wrong decision that prevents us from taking any decision. We want our every decision to be ‘right decision’.

In our life, we take few critical decisions. And each decision that we have taken so far is the ‘right’ decision considering the situation, circumstances and our understanding at that point of time. It is only in the hindsight that we ‘judge’ whether that particular decision was ‘right’ or ‘wrong’.

Decision making is important and time critical. Don’t let the ‘fear’ of taking ‘wrong’ decision hamper your decision-making ability.

A Crisis is sometimes Important in Life!

Occasional Fall will help you climb altitudes! Illustration credit : Pixabay

Have you ever wondered whenever a crisis happened in your life, ultimately it resulted in something better for you! Many a times, a crisis is better for us either in our personal or professional life. It is actually a boon in disguise!

Why is it so?

When everything is going on fine in our life it generates a sense of complacency in us. We start taking things for granted. And this leads to our slacking down or not putting in our best efforts. This may be applicable to our job/profession, our relationships, our business and even to our health. We are happy the way things are going. We don’t want to take any risk or put in more efforts for our own development and growth. This is what we call to live in the comfort zone!

So, what happens when a crisis hits you? You come into an alert mode and start working on improving things around you. This is a reactive approach. The best example of this is when you get your medical check up done and receive your report!

So, does one need to be in an alert mode all the time?

Not really.

The best way to manage would be to keep taking stock of things…regularly.

If we keep asking these questions periodically then it would definitely help- How am I doing? What needs to be done more? What needs to be added /deleted to/from my life? Is there scope for improving things? Am I leading a healthy life?…. and likewise. When doing so, chances of crisis hitting you would be at the minimum.

 What are you waiting for??

Start stock taking!