Do You Remember Your Pledge?

Forgot my Pledge!

What is your pledge?

My younger one asked his mom.

“I’ll not get angry, instead I’ll spread happiness.” She replied.

And what is your pledge?

I asked my little one.

“I’ll not make mamma angry and I’ll help her.” He replied.

What is your pledge?

My little one asked me.

“I’ll make you (my son), mamma (my wife) and tamma (his grandmother) happy.” I replied.

I have given these pledges to my wife and son and to myself. So, whenever anyone is off the track, the others immediately remind by asking “what is your pledge?”

We keep each other reminding this and the results are excellent!

These are nothing but Positive Affirmations. If we keep reminding ourself something positive throughout the day, we are bound to get good results.

Remember, in school we were told to say it loudly – I can do it! I’ll do it! I am the winner!

I am not sure if there is any science behind it, but it actually works.

Try yourself!