Simple Life Lessons for Big Impact- 3

A young woman sitting on a mountain cliff gazing the early morning sun rays


When you embark on a new journey towards a new destination, you may succeed or you may not succeed in reaching the destination but it will never be a failure as you will have so much of learning during the journey itself in terms of learning new things, meeting new people, developing new skills, some wonderful experiences and so on. Never be afraid of embarking on a new journey…

An un-even muddy road passing through the country side during early sun rise


Miracles are nothing but the cumulative result of hard work, integrity, honesty, dedication and strong will. Your daily habits creates your future. Work on your daily routine and filter out the unproductive elements (including toxic people, howsoever close they may be to you) which consume your time and energy. You will see miracles happening in your Life. Miracles do happen…only You can make miracles happen!

Young woman sitting on hill top watching down the river flowing

People in Your Life

Long back I met a beautiful girl. I gave her a bunch of roses. She gave me the warmest smile and hugged me.

Many years later, I met a pretty woman. I gave her a diamond ring. She took it and made a face saying ’The diamond is too small’.

Moral of the story: Recognize genuine people in your life who care for you. Don’t waste your time on the wrong people!