Congratulations…You have become Manager!!

Don’t hold that placard! Pic Credit : Pixbay

The transition from being a team member into a manager is not always easy for an employee. How to fit into the new role? What qualities do the team member require to be a successful manager. Many organizations spend huge amount of time and money to study what makes a successful manager. And as the finding shows, below are some of the key traits that the managers should follow to become a successful manager: –

Don’t do micromanagement- Be more concerned about the end result rather than anything else.

Good communication skills- Communications is the key and that includes active LISTENING!

Need to have technical knowledge too- No more general management will do! You need to excel in the technical aspect of the domain that you are managing

Have vision for the team- As a manager you are responsible to take your team to the next level.

Show empathy towards team members- Be patient and understanding! Remember you are not working with robots but with humans who have emotions. Often our managers forget this very fundamental principal.

Ensure development and career advancement for the team members- Everyone looks for growth and development. Ensure, as a manager you discuss their career path in the organization.

And lastly, very important, you need to be the coach for your team. As a coach, you need to utilize their full potential, identify untapped potential, make time bound goals, give continuous feedback and ensure they are progressing.