Set Clear Goals!

What’s Your Key Goal?

Set yourself a clear Goal!

When you have a well-defined and a clear-cut goal to achieve combined with a burning desire to achieve it, you are already on the road to glory.

An indefinite ambition causes only destructive restlessness and discontent.

Determine your objective first!

Set yourself and a target, a clear goal. Human being is a goal seeking animal. All progress as such is the outcome of this goal seeking desire. Life will lose all its meaning and purpose when it has no goal to reach!

When you have the motive, you will gather all the energy to perform the activity that is required. A drive or motive not only will drive you towards your objective but would also act a booster. And then you move towards a stage when achieving one goal will lead to set and achieve another goal. And the process continues…

Set your goal high! Set a difficult target.

Dare to do something different, something fresh, unexpected- away from the beaten track, away from the cult of mediocrity, the cult of the common man!

Trying to reach high will keep you on your toes. At no point you should say “This is the peak”.

And lastly, if the plan doesn’t work, change the plan, not the goal