10 Powerful Inspirational Quotes

A young lady looking at the new dawn with stretched arms as if to embrace it

The Pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The Optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty.

It’s not important whether you were knocked down. What is important is ‘Did you get up?’

The greatest courage is to bear defeat without losing heart.

You need a heart to dream and a mind to set new goals. Your age has nothing to do with it.

You will have a strong Destiny if you follow the three Ds religiously in whatever you do- Discipline, Dedication, and Determination.

Life does not fail you. You fail life by not responding to the continuous opportunities that it offers to you.

If you imagine yourself as a Failure, you are bound to fail. But if you start with success in mind, you might achieve it or not but you will have a successful journey in pursuit of your Goal.

You might have failed in the past but it has no power to stop you from achieving success in the future. Only you have to decide and begin your every day with new vigour, determination and more resilience to achieve your goal.

Every problem in your life is an opportunity for you to build a new and better life, be it relationship, health, work or business.

Remember, at some stage in your life you will face hard times. Hard time will make you humble, grateful, respectful for money and time, value friendship, fight your own battle and endure pain. It is the process to make you ready to embrace success and happiness.

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