How Often Do You Write?

Let writing be your routine!

Do you write?

No, I am not talking about the great novel that you have been intending to write for many years for now but still not started off as yet!

Neither it relates to the blogs or the official reports etc.

I am talking about if you are in the habit of writing: –

Your Goals

Your Plan(s)

Your things to do

Your Failures (all time and in recent times)

Your achievements in recent times and till now

Your pain points in life…etc.

i.e., everything related to your life and what keeps on going in your mind most of the time.

It’s always better to write it down. It need not be lengthy paragraphs but can be a summarization in few bullet points.

When you write it down, you have a clear picture of what’s happening, what needs to be done on priority, what needs to be left out…so on and so forth.

It helps you to create that clear vision of how you want to navigate your life.

It has been observed that when you are going through the toughest phase of your life and are in immense pain/pressure, journaling (writing your dairy) helps you in reducing that pain/pressure to a great extent. You feel light and in control of your life and your emotions in spite of the challenges that you might be facing.

So, do you write? If not, then start it now!


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