Are You Powerful Enough?

A closed fist making a hard punch

What is Power?

When you are knocked down badly and left with no strength to get up to fight again…you still gather all your strength for one last time and get up to fight with only one intention – to win!- This is Power!

When you are down and out… and people, your acquaintances, look into your eyes with a sly smile on their face that only says ‘ ha…finished?!’ and you look back straight into their eyes with a gentle smile that says’ just wait and watch…!’- This is Power!

When you feel alone and hopeless with your mind repeatedly telling you that you have lost it and should quit…but you listen to your heart and your gut feeling which tells you there is still a chance!… and with no one else beside you, you start off again from the scratch with a prayer in your heart… – This is Power!

When you are an underdog in terms of your education qualification sitting with your well-qualified peers in the conference room dominating the discussion and your peers look at you with dismay showing an expression on their face ’hey….but this was our domain!’- This is Power!

And lastly, when you are continuously abused by the ones whom you hold dear, you still continue to be kind and forgiving to them because your character doesn’t allow you… to become like them!- This is Power!!

Power is not holding big positions and adding designations to your name …neither it is to do with having big houses nor with having fancy cars! Real Power is to face the continuous challenges that life throws at you and come out as a Winner each time!!

Be Powerful!!


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  1. True. Maintaining a kind heart and a brave mind amidst all acrimonies of life ….. is Power.

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