Simple Life Lessons for Big Impact- 1

Great Boxer Muhammad Ali hitting a mighty punch on his opponent


Stamina is very important both in sports and in life. When life repeatedly knocks you with its punches, your stamina will help you to sustain the pain and continue your fight. And at the right time, you hit back with a mighty punch, topping it with another one and win with a knockout!

Just remember, perseverance is your stamina in life. Ensure you have it in abundance!

A young woman walking alone at the crossroad.


They say SILENCE speaks a thousand words. True. When there is trust, even your silence is understood. And when there is no trust, every single word you speak is misunderstood.

Building and creating Trust in others is very important in life!

Picture of an eye of a young girl.

Simple Actions > Big Changes

When nothing is working for you- either at home or at work,

When you see no hope from anywhere,

When the mind feels so heavy with despair,

Just say these three lines in your heart;

Only I can change my life

I have to change my life

I’ll change my life.

Repeat these lines again and again.

Take the simplest of the actions to make one simple change. Keep taking these small actions and you will see over a period of time Your Life has Changed!

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