Wish I Could Have Known It Earlier in Life…

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The following are the life facts that I realized very late in my life and wish I could have known them earlier in my life:-

Never stop learning:- Once you have completed your formal education and got into your first job, most of us say goodbye to education. This is not correct. The education should continue side by side till your last day of life! Keep updating yourself. Learn something new always.

Be more Granular:- Avoid superficiality. Get into the specifics and into more details. This implies every aspect of your life, especially to your work/expertise. Remember, the more knowledgeable you are the more valuable you become to others. Your objective should be to achieve the ultimate mastery in your craft!

Keep the time frame of your life in mind:- We have limited time in our life but we all live as if we would be living till eternity! So, ensure you achieve your goals in a proper time frame. If you are not happy in your life then find out the reasons and fix the problem then and there. Don’t just wait that a miracle would happen some fine day and then you will achieve happiness. Time is precious so use it wisely! Also, learn not to regret. What has gone , let it go! You will have another day, another opportunity and another partner! Why sulk then?

Nurture your relationships:- This is very important. Often when young we give a damn to this. But we need people all the time – both in our personal lives and in our professional life. And every relationship needs time and effort. Be genuine when dealing with others. People understand what is fake and what is REAL. Also, be careful about your reputation especially if you want to climb the corporate ladder at a faster pace. Keep in mind- your reputation reaches faster than you!

Taking care of your Parents in real sense:- They have less time. Do whatever you ever wanted to do for them. Do it now. Don’t wait for a suitable time. They will seldom ask for what they want. You have to understand them and provide it to them.

Be mindful of what and how you speak:- Words are very powerful- both spoken and written. Ensure you use them wisely while interacting with others. At least be mindful that you don’t hurt people knowingly or intentionally. You don’t have to be diplomatic all the time but when criticizing some one , take care that your criticism is in the right spirit and not an insult or abuse to the other person.

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