Performance Appraisal!

My periodic check list!

Have you done your Performance Appraisal?

Do you believe in regular stock taking of your life?

I believe most of us do. It’s better to do it as it helps us in ensuring that we are moving in the right direction and if any course correction is required.

And one needs to be absolutely honest with oneself while doing this self-analysis as you are both – the appraisee and the appraiser!

Some questions to ponder periodically: –

Are you putting enough Efforts?

Is there a Plan?

What is your Goal?

What is your Objective?

Are you utilizing your Time well?

And lastly…Are you merely existing or actually Living?

You need to do a deep dive and have in-depth answers to these questions.

Hope you are having a great life and wishing you more joy and prosperity.


Are you Discontent?

Why is this happening to me?

Are you discontent?

Good then!

It is the first step towards progress!

When you feel dis-satisfied with the status quo, it leads you to improvements and then puts you on the path of progress. You prepare yourself for the challenges and are ready to face the hard knocks and take them head-on undeterred with the focus on the ball and the goal before you. The game is never lost till won!

Every situation howsoever grim has its hopeful side. So, don’t feel bogged down. Always see some good purpose in every situation of your life. Come out of your fearful thoughts and fearful expectations. A fearful mind restricts you from operating from strength.

‘I’ll fail!’,” How will I look?”, “What will others think?”, “Am I good enough?’…these thoughts are creations of your mind and are far from reality! Soon you will realize many of the fearful thoughts that you carried through your life actually never happened!

Constructive discontent is good as it is the first necessity of progress!!