Are you interpreting it correctly?

Are you interpreting it correctly?

Are you?


Many times when we look at things, events, or people, we generally form an opinion and impressions based on our interpretation of them. And that might be entirely different from the actual reality of those things, events, and people!

Most of the time our interpretations are based on our beliefs, values, and our thought process. And we try to fit in things, events, and people based on that. And based on the interpretation, we react, respond, and behave accordingly.

Why do we interpret things incorrectly?

Some of the reasons include biases, misinformation, our past experiences, and most importantly the emotional state that we are in then.

If you see this from a broader perspective, most of our problems relate to this misinterpretation and this is especially true when it comes to our relationship with others- personal and professional.

Give it a thought!

The way I deal with it is by having a more positive mindset/outlook. Instead of looking at the negative aspects of things, I try to find the positive (good) side that might not be very obvious.

So, the next time your boss is after you to complete the task in time or wants you to do it better you know how to respond! Or for that if your spouse/parents tell(s) you to eat well or spend more time with children then don’t take it as a ‘nagging’ but…  

As they say “All human knowledge takes the form of interpretation”.


Why You Can’t Change?

The Key to Change lies with YOU!

“I am like that…I cannot change!”

“We have been doing this for years…!”

“Why do you want to rock the boat?”

Often, we hear this from the people around us or we might use or have used these phrases.

So, how true is that?

Not at all true!!

Why you cannot change when the change can do you much better compared to the harm the status quo is doing to you? And you can change at any point in your life…  

You might have been doing it for years but if it is not producing results or not meeting expectations then what is the use of continuing to do the same thing over and over again?

You need to rock the boat if the boat is not taking you anywhere!

Yes, as simple as that!

The bottom line is that we need to change…change for the good.

Change the habits that are harming you, change your friends if they don’t make you happy, change the environment if it does not let you grow…and lastly, change your old self if you are not happy with yourself.

Embrace the change!

Fall, fail, and hurt yourself…but in the end, you will be thankful to yourself and feel proud that you dared to change the status quo.

Do not reach that stage where the pain of maintaining the status quo becomes much more than the pain of embracing the change!