A Crisis is sometimes Important in Life!

Occasional Fall will help you climb altitudes! Illustration credit : Pixabay

Have you ever wondered whenever a crisis happened in your life, ultimately it resulted in something better for you! Many a times, a crisis is better for us either in our personal or professional life. It is actually a boon in disguise!

Why is it so?

When everything is going on fine in our life it generates a sense of complacency in us. We start taking things for granted. And this leads to our slacking down or not putting in our best efforts. This may be applicable to our job/profession, our relationships, our business and even to our health. We are happy the way things are going. We don’t want to take any risk or put in more efforts for our own development and growth. This is what we call to live in the comfort zone!

So, what happens when a crisis hits you? You come into an alert mode and start working on improving things around you. This is a reactive approach. The best example of this is when you get your medical check up done and receive your report!

So, does one need to be in an alert mode all the time?

Not really.

The best way to manage would be to keep taking stock of things…regularly.

If we keep asking these questions periodically then it would definitely help- How am I doing? What needs to be done more? What needs to be added /deleted to/from my life? Is there scope for improving things? Am I leading a healthy life?…. and likewise. When doing so, chances of crisis hitting you would be at the minimum.

 What are you waiting for??

Start stock taking!