How to add Excitement in your Daily Routine Work?

A table clock depicting our routine daily  work schedule

It’s not an easy task! When you are doing something routine day in and day out, it gets mundane after some point of time and you lose interest. So, how do we keep ourselves motivated in doing the daily routine work? Some tips for you:-

Try exploring something new every time you perform the routine task. If you look around you will definitely find something innovative to implement or workaround. Even some basic restructuring will help you to retain novelty in your daily routine; like rescheduling the time, breaking the job into multiple sessions, if possible involve others or just review if what you are doing is the easiest way of doing that thing!

Can you be more creative? Creativity will add enthusiasm and also motivation. Creativity is the act of turning new and imaginative ideas into reality. Creativity is characterized by the ability to perceive your daily work in new ways, to find hidden patterns, to make connections between seemingly unrelated phenomena, and to generate solutions.

Find out means and ways to improve the way you are performing the routine task. How you do that? See what are the time-consuming activities in your daily schedule and if there is a scope of reducing the time factor to complete the tasks. Also, how much efforts you are putting and if improvements can be incorporated to reduce the efforts as well. This should be an ongoing and continuous process. Find out opportunities if you can do multitasking and are comfortable doing the same. You need to be critical about yourself and need to challenge your status quo every now and then, then only you will be able to implement improvements.

Interlink your daily routine with some other activities of your interest. This is important. Like listening to your favourite music while doing household work or listening to some good podcast while traveling to/from work or reading something useful while traveling to/from work.

Share your little achievements with family and friends. We all look for encouragement and appreciation. Ensure you celebrate your every little success and achievement with your family and friends. This will keep your motivation level high and would make you want to achieve more. Also, it will create a sense of self-worth. This way you will enjoy your routine work!

Bring in new ideas into your daily work. Use technology where ever you can. This is different from ‘make improvements’. New ideas would mean- what new you can add or what can be removed from your routine work so that your routine work is more meaningful and productive. De-clutter your daily work routine with all that is unnecessary. Use technology to your advantage and not to your distraction.

Take timely breaks. Breaks help us to rejuvenate ourselves and to charge up our energy levels. It also relaxes us from stress.

Pursue your hobbies while performing your daily routine work. Always pursue at least one hobby that you enjoy doing. So, ensure that you engage yourself on a regular basis with this hobby as it will take your mind off from your daily work routine and would make you more cheerful and active.

Keep smiling, crack jokes and have a hearty laugh whenever possible! Do I need to add anything here! Yes, this is a simple activity but many of us rarely do it! Life is a gift, you have to steal moments from its grueling pressures and struggles to make yourself happy. Laugh whenever you can and laugh heartily. Become silly for some time during the day and enjoy the fun that you will create around yourself! Be childlike…they are the best teachers to teach you how to laugh and have fun without needing any reason!