Adversity Makes You Stronger!

When you are going through the challenges in your life, it is seldom that one may think of them as opportunities to grow and become a stronger person. But research has shown that past adversities are helpful in making you strong to face future challenges in a better way. Your past struggles make you more resilient- your ability to bounce back from adversity and grow from the challenge.

While dealing with your adversity you come out as more empathic, confident, more positive (optimistic), losing fear for the struggles/challenges and take them head on…so on and so forth.

Researchers have found the following growth-oriented factors as reported by the people who have gone through some difficulties or adversities in their life:

  • Increased appreciation for life
  • More meaningful relationships
  • Increased personal strength
  • Finding new ways for growth
  • Becoming more spiritually inclined

So, as you go through whatever adversities in your life at any point of time, just think of it as an opportunity to become stronger, more resilient and moving towards a better tommorrow!

Stay strong and stay healthy!