Stick to Your Goal!

Do you have clear goals?

Do you stick to your chosen goal?

It would be a pity if you don’t do so!

Many people lead a miserable life of regret with frustrated ambitions bubbling in their heart because they tamely allowed their own opinion and thoughts to be overruled and set aside from their cherished dream or desired goals.

You will hear many people say with a sad tinge in their eyes…”If only I had stuck to my decision…if I had trusted my own decision and then followed it with persistence to finish, I might have amounted to something and would have been much happier…!”

This the saddest truth of their life…their stories of ‘might have been…’.

But why it happens?

Because such people lack the power to take firm and quick decisions and then to stick to them. They feared and then wavered. Their mind was always in a flux. And hence, they could not arrive…

To achieve your goal, you need to decide quickly and effectively. It is the hallmark of a master mind! Men of unwavering decisions and whole-hearted actions are the achievers.

Say a firm NO when required and a YES with all your vigor when you are sure about yourself. If you are always in a state of dilemma or have a wavering mind, you will arrive nowhere.

All great stories happened because someone took a courageous decision


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