Pearls of Wisdom- 4

Light filtering out of the rain drops on the window
Raindrops or opportunities knocking my window?

Heart is a beautiful pot. Whatever you plant, it grows and bears you flowers and fruits. Now, it depends on you as to what you decide to grow.

You can have best of the cars but it’s of no use if you don’t know your destination. The costliest shoes will not help if you don’t take the first step towards your goal. Costly things don’t matter; your attitude and hard work does.

It’s very easy to CRITISIZE. You will find every second person criticizing something or someone. No talent required. But to CREATE you require talent. Be a CREATOR and not a CRITICIZER.

Some people WAIT for the right time, right opportunity, and the right alignment of stars to START. And their waiting continues as the perfect time never arrives! Every moment is important…and you can begin NOW.

People will hate you when they discover they don’t possess what you have. Let them continue hating you while you continue marching ahead shining with glory.

Life is not a race to be run fast and won. Life is a journey where every halt is to be enjoyed and relished, each weather is to be felt and cherished and lastly, every person you meet on the way is to be accepted with humility and kindness.

In pursuing your dream you will have road blocks which will cause delay. Wait rather than give up because the pain of waiting will be nothing as compared to the pain of regret for giving up.

Thoughts by Anirvan Chakravarty


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